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Custom Picture Frame Design
Mounting & 
Frame Repair &
Glass Replacement

Many people think that picture framing is well, just for pictures!  We have very few limitations as to what we can actually frame. 


Here is a list of many items we can frame and turn your memorabilia into something to hang on the wall with pride!

  • Belt Buckles & Medals

  • Jewelry & Antique Buttons

  • Team Jerseys

  • Baby Clothes

  • Military Uniforms

  • Needlepoint Stretching

  • Crochet & Quilt Block Mounting

  • Puzzle & Poster Mounting

  • Canvas Stretching


We like a challenge, so if you can get it in our shop, we can probably get it in a frame!


We frame everything that comes through our doors with care and by hand, so each piece is preserved for future generations to appreciate.  No glues or permanent adhesives are used in our mounting procedures for delicate and valued items.  We take every step to ensure the work we do is reversible in case it needs to be removed from its frame at any time in the future.  
We follow the framer's motto: Do No Harm!


We also offer our customers a more affordable option where we can fix up what they already have- and in most cases, already love.  


We can re-build, re-paint, clean-up and re-stain old frames that our customers just want to preserve or keep around because they look cool.


Some frames are in great condition, but the mat is faded and worn out- leaving the artwork inside looking tired and outdated. We can give the piece a facelift with a new mat and fresh new look to compliment your ever-changing decor!


Crash!  Sometimes a frame is the victim of an accident- be it grandkids, pets, or careless movers!  The glass is there to protect, but sometimes it gets broken.  We can replace glazing in a frame with our different glass and plexiglass options. We offer TruVue Framers Glazing in:

  • Premium Clear 45% UV protection

  • Premium Non-Glare 45% UV protection

  • Conservation Clear 99% UV protection

  • Conservation Non-Glare 99% UV protection

  • Museum Glass 99% UV protection with Anti-Reflection control

  • Plexiglass Clear 

  • Plexiglass Non-Glare

We provide a large selection of colored mat boards and frame samples to design the perfect look in showcasing your artwork!  We are proud to use the framing industry's best products in preserving your treasured pieces, and do so with care and attention to every detail.  We keep in mind not only the piece being framed, but also focus on how or where the art will be used.  We offer everything from golden ornate frames to simple, classic black options.  We have many tools to help you create the perfect look in complimenting your art piece!


With so many options, it may be overwhelming to pick one frame or combination of mats, but our designers are here to guide each customer through the design process and help them feel confident in their final decision.  


Once a design is picked, every frame is custom hand built and assembled by the owner herself, to assure quality and care are put into each piece that comes into and leaves her shop. 


From building the frame, cutting the glass and mats, mounting, and finishing up- every piece is ready to hang when it leaves here- but we are perfectionists, so it won't leave until it is RIGHT!


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DID YOU KNOW??  People usually do not realize that the glass is them most important part of the frame when framing a piece of art or memorabillia-- And it's the most important parts of the frame we don’t want to see! Glazing is the only defense the art has to the irreversible damage light can do to artwork.  Even ambient light can cause damage and leads to fading.  Protect your cherished pieces with the very best the industry has to offer with Conservation Glass and Museum Glass!   Both offer 99% UV protection and with Museum Glass’s anti-reflective coating, a person can hardly tell it is there!  Why blemish a beautiful art piece with the glare off lights and sunlight, when Museum Glass is the answer! The Choice is Clear, Tru-Vue Museum Glass for all your important pieces!


Stop in and check out the difference with our new displays!

Due to the nature of custom framing, every project is different- so is the pricing!  We have lots of options to choose from and even a small frame can cost more than a large poster frame- it just depends on what finishes you pick to create the right look for that item.  Size, finishes, and materials used for that project all affect the final price.

We can help you work within a budget and pick a design that will compliment every piece without breaking the bank!  Stop in with your items and we will figure up a free quote before you have to commit to anything!

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