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Unique Gifts and Jewelry

The Crooked Nail Studio also offers beautiful gift items that are one-of-a-kind and truly unique.  We are moving toward showcasing more local craftsman's products, as well as sharing our own jewelry creations and artwork.  We like handmade- it's just more special!  Please stop in to check out what we have for sale- it changes all the time and is never the same twice!  We also offer some things you may not be able to find around here- maybe not always handmade, but sure to bring a smile to your face!

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Industrial Lighting & Unique Gifts


We are always looking for interesting items to decorate our own home with, and have found it is difficult to find the trendy items that are so popular in design.  The Industrial Look, Shabby Chic, & Rustic decor are IN and I think they will be around for a while!  


Get your Edison Lights and Industrial Fixtures here- We a few different styles to go in your home!

NEW this Fall!! CANDLES, but not just any candles, Wine & Cocktail scented candles!  Totally unique, fun gift ideas for the friend who is a bit more sophisticated.  Stop in to smell 'em for yourself!


Also, we have a fun line of animal kitsch that we are just loving!  Get your rustic deer towel rack, a whimsical unicorn ring holder, or an adorable Flying Pig coat hook to add a touch of humor to your home or give as a gift to the person who has "everything"- I'm bettin' they don't have these!-  Won't last long as cute as they are!    

Pet Portraits by Lexi


Well, here I go!  I have started doing Pet & Zoo Animal Portraits!  I have always loved animals and finally got a method down to painting them!  

Here's how it works: We agree to the commission, you send me a high resolution picture of your favorite pet and I turn it into a hand-painted original art piece! You choose the size, I give you a price and we go from there! Turn around time is subject to how busy I am and can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months or more... (depending on how inspired I am~ the curse of an artist, I must say!)  Last minute birthday/Christmas gifts are not my thing, so please plan ahead!  

4x6 or 6x6   $40-$50

8x10​​             $80-$100

11x14             $100-$150

16x20            $150-200

All paintings are done on canvas and in acrylic paint medium.

ReStArt Jewelry
What to do with those old, obsolete computers? Make jewelry out of them!  Since I have a desire to create beautiful things to hang on the wall, as well as accessorize with, I found a way to create small pieces of wearable Art jewelry- Not only are they pretty, they are recycled materials usually discarded or cluttering up basements!  
ReStArt Jewelry is a line I created using only parts I can salvage out of old computers.  I do not use any paints, papers, or any other mediums to create the colors and textures you see in my jewelry- and since the parts are all stripped from random computers, each piece is one-of-a-kind and will never be made again!  



Local Artists' & Craftsmen's Wares


As artists in our own rights, both John and I want to support our local creative minds!  We have a storefront, we have a little room to share, why not showcase some awesome, handmade stuff!  


Do you need something special for gifts this summer?  We have beautiful crocheted wire and bead necklaces, as well as hand-painted gourd pendants made by local artisans Jerri Drummond and Sandy Clanton. These will add a unique sparkle to your ensemble- whether for yourself or as a gift, these pieces will be great for bridals showers, weddings, or festivals! 


As always, we are looking for some local wares to showcase in our shop!  If you have or know of anyone with great stuff to sell, and needs a space to do it, contact us to get a place on the shelves!  Right now, we DO NOT charge rental space or commissions, so get in there while the deal is right- 100% of purchases go back to the artist! Contact Lexi today.

Handmade Jewelry by Lexi


I had worked in a retail jewelry store for about 5 years.  I was inspired by the designs and was always excited when they got new merchandise in.  Once I left the jewelry store, I discovered my passion for beading and creating different looks with colors and textures.  I love to create distinctive pieces that no one else will have.  I like using glass, crystal, or gemstone beads (non of those plastic things you find in the chain stores!).  I love bringing home beads from trips or find them when I'm out and about looking for more supplies!  This passion for jewelry design has lead to my other line of jewelry- Read on to learn more about it! 

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